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Top autumn dishes in Tuscan cuisine

The surroundings are getting colder, and you can see pale, vanish leaves covering the nurseries and roads – autumn has come, and with it, the whole air has turned a touch of debilitating. On the other hand, autumn similarly offers a treat for your taste buds as a colossal assurance …

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La Cucina – Class Information

Join Maria for a day of food, fun and learning at her total hands-on Northern Italian cooking class. Given from her home in Gapland, Maryland, you will take home recipes and learn cooking methods that will last a lifetime! Classes are booked by groups only and kept small (6 to …

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La Cucina – Cooking in Tuscany

Tucked away in the heart of Tuscany is a spacious farmhouse, surrounded by fruit orchards and olive trees. The owner, Laura Sbrana, a native of nearby Lucca, has spent the past two years overseeing every step of the farm’s restoration and design. With the house of her dreams now complete, …

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