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La Cucina – Cooking in Tuscany

Tucked away in the heart of Tuscany is a spacious farmhouse, surrounded by fruit orchards and olive trees. The owner, Laura Sbrana, a native of nearby Lucca, has spent the past two years overseeing every step of the farm’s restoration and design.

With the house of her dreams now complete, she is looking forward to hosting intimate groups longing to experience Tuscany, as only the locals know how.

At this one-week all-inclusive cooking school, Laura will teach her guests how to prepare classic Tuscan dishes and after a few hours of cooking instruction and a delicious meal, guests may take in the surroundings including a backyard pool, pergola and sunny terraces. Laura will also lead expeditions to nearby restaurants, markets, and shops, sharing her knowledge of local history, architecture and culinary customs.

If you wish to hone your cooking skills while indulging all your senses, contact us to learn more or to request your free brochure!

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